Meadow Death-Camas - Toxicoscordion venenosum




Other Uses

Medicinal Uses




Zigadenus Sp.

"There are approximately 15 species of death camas in the United States; however, the taxonomy of death camas remains unsettled. These bulbs are listed in several genera including Zigadenus, Toxicoscordion, Stenanthium, and Anticlea. Most authorities list these genera under the Melanthiaceae family and sometimes under the Liliaceae family." [Barceloux MTNS]

"Several species of Zigadenus, including Zigadenus nuttallii (death camas), contain Veratrum-like alkaloids. The plants grow throughout North America and the white bulbs may be mistaken for wild onions. Cattle are also poisoned in pastures where the plants are common. All parts of the plant are toxic (Heilpern, 1995)." [Klasseen CDT]


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