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Luina hypoleuca - Silverback luina

Family: Aster


Perennial herb from branched caudex. Stem: slender, gray-tomentose. Leaf: cauline, alternate, lanceolate to ovate, entire or toothed. Inflorescence: heads discoid, generally in ± flat-topped clusters; involucre obconic; phyllaries in 1–2 equal series; receptacle flat or convex, epaleate. Disk flower: generally 11–23; corolla white to cream [yellow], tube > throat; anther base short-tailed, tip narrowly lanceolate; style branches rounded-truncate. Fruit: ± cylindric; pappus of many bristles in 1–2 series.
2 species: northwestern North America. (Anagram of Inula) [Pelser et al. 2007 Taxon 56:1077–1104; Strother 2006 FNANM 20:627–628] [Jepson]

Local Species;

  1. Luina hypoleuca- silverback luina [E-flora]

Habitat/Range: "Mesic to dry rocky slopes and cliffs in the lowland, montane and subalpine zones; frequent in SW BC, known from S Vancouver Island and the adjacent mainland; S to CA." [IFBC-E-flora]

Status: Native [E-flora]


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